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We sell handmade clothing items such as costumes, reenactment clothes, bags, capes, cloaks, etc. Call, email at , or just come in with your needs and speak to Nancy.

If you want anything handmade, ecspecially for you, from a wedding dress to halloween costumes, just come in with ideas

Women's Reenactment Goods

Hooded Cap
$65.00 (short = 46'')

$90.00 (floor length)

Drawstring Shirt

$25.00 (plain cotton)
$30.00 (printed cotton)

Short Shirft (Blouse)
$25.00 (muslin)

Lined Bodice (vest)
$30.00 (cotton)

Gathered Cap
$10.00 (muslin)

Long Shift
$35.00 (muslin)

$5.00 (drawstring)
$12.00 (pinner apron)

Country Cap (bonnet)
$12.00 (muslin)

Men's Reenactment Goods

$25.00 (cotton)

Waist Coat
$50.00 (cotton)

Thigh Length Washtecoat
$60.00 (cotton)

Sleeved Waistcoat
$85.00 (canvas)

$9.00 (canvas)

Gentlemen's Coat
$150.00 (wool-lined)

Men's Watch Cloak
$100.00 (wool)
$75.00 (canvas)

Broadfall Dropfront Breeches
$45.00 (canvas)
Assorted Clothing Goods
Wool Cloak

Cotton Knit Cloak


Crocheted Back Pack
Reversible Backpack
Crocheted Purse
Crocheted Hackey Sack

Dice Bag
$3.00 for cotton
$4.00 for velvet, fleece, fur, or pleather
Crocheted Dice Bag
Sm $3.00
Med. $4.00
Lg $5.00

Jester Hat

Jester's Costume
$25.00 w/out hat
$30.00 w/ hat

Matrix Trench Coat

Standard Cape

Teen's Kerchief Tank Top Shirt

Flannel Pants

Flannel Boxers